Find your users Happy Moments and maximize in-app engagement

We are proud to announce that the Abbi team will be joining the team at WalkMe and is now WalkMe Mobile   Get A Demo

Find the Right User at the Right Time

Abbi increases mobile in-app engagement and revenues. Abbi learns and understands user usage behavior and identifies the users happy moments to increase conversions

User Behavioral Profiling

Abbi understands your users and targets them at the right time and place

Automated A/B Testing

Abbi does all the A..B..C testing for you and maximizes results

Simple SDK Integration

One line of code, no instrumentation or events needed

Results, Not Numbers

Launch and analyze in-app engagement in seconds, no need for app store approval

Create and Launch Amazing Enagagements in Seconds

Choose and create in-app messages. More rating, social, in-app purchases, coupons, unlimited options of increasing your in-app conversions. Choose the design and let Abbi do all the rest!

Manage and Optimize your In-App Strategy

Design and Launch Engagements

Deploy in-app messages in seconds with no app store approval

The Right User at the Right Time

Abbi maximizes conversions automatically

Insightful Dashboard

Monitor your in-app engagement with Abbi's dashboard

Developer Friendly

Abbi was built for developers by developers

Automated Marketing - Leveraging Big Data as a Service

Machine Learning

Abbi collects over 300 session parameters each second and finds the right correlations

Deep User Profiling Analysis

Abbi uses cutting edge big data profiling technologies to identify the users emotional sentiment in real time

Predective AI

Abbi finds the right audience segment for the right call to action using predective data algorithms

Now Supporting All Platforms

Abbi supports native iOS and Android as well as Unity, PhoneGap, Xamarin and React Native!